Thursday, April 17, 2014

Here Is To English Men

Button down jacket, long waistcoat, cute buttons, love at first sight, dipped in tradition, I could describe this jacket in ways more than one. 

As far as a waistcoat's history is concerned, it seems to be one of the few articles of clothing whose time of origins can be ascertained: the year 1666 by  King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland.

English writer John Evelyn wrote on October 18, 1666: "To Court, it being the first time his Majesty put himself solemnly into the Eastern fashion of vest changing doublet, stiff collar, bands and cloak, into a comely dress after the Persian mode, with girdles or straps, and shoestrings and garters into buckles...resolving never to alter it, and to leave the French mode". 

Also, a custom still sometimes practiced is to leave the bottom button undone. This is said to have been started by King Edward VII (then the Prince of Wales), whose expanding waistline required it!

A regular waistcoat has gone many transformations. In fact the purists won't even call this a waistcoat for all the right reasons. But there is something waistcoatish about it. 

So have you tried this borrowed from men trend yet?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sunday Lunch

It is not just Victoria Beckham who loves her midi skirt. The trend seems to have impressed practically all possible skirt wearing ladies in various regions.

I always thought that a skirt should either be short or ankle length. Like life, I never learnt to like the in betweens. Lover of extremes. I have shared a similar post on shorts as well. Anyway, midi was a length which have been ignored for a while.

Now, I like the way a midi skirt feels. I feel it looks very French, very stylish. I feel it gives any girl's wardrobe a touch of well what should I call it, good fashion. 

Wore this to a Sunday lunch. Felt right. I want to pair a headband with my midi in some future post.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

The College

Last June, Abhilasha wrote a post on how she would dress up if she had to go to college again. I was amused for a while. I thought, why would anyone look back and think like that? And then I thought, why not? She made me think, a lot :) You have to check her post, she looks amazing.

I started thinking about how I would dress up, in case I would need to go back to college (which I frequently dream about, along with being late for exams, lagging behind, missing buses, flying in the air, walking on different streets, new places... ) or if we all go back in time, but only I retain my wiser and fashionable better head.

I would have changed my hair maybe, maybe would have added a bit more colour to the t shirts. Maybe more denims than usual. Maybe something like what is there in this post.

All said and done, I so wish to go back to my loose pants and short tops and hippie like dressing sense that Benaras somehow injects in some people. For me that is timeless. Feels like home. I will post later about what I just said, sorry for drifting. Till then you guys have a great weekend. 

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Friday, March 28, 2014

A New Crush

Yeah, I know I cannot get enough of the leather jacket. So its there, yet again. I would love to buy two more leather jackets, the studded one and the collared one and would wear them as long as I can.

So leather jacket is my old love. Old. Tried, tested and found to be there. I had never tried the printed pants. I could see lots of girls around wearing printed pants and I thought, this too shall pass.

It didn't pass. It is very much there and so I bought two of them out of excitement. Hoping to wear them more often.  

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Friday, March 21, 2014


I read an article recently that said that dressing up like a slob is the new in thing and that you do not need to spend so many hours getting dressed up. Just mix and match some over-sized clothes with some fitted ones and you are fashionable to go!

Boyfriend jeans is the latest or maybe not that latest slob trend that has almost gone mainstream. The popularity of the trend has led to many brands offering the slouchy pairs in their latest collections.

But some think that the over-sized, the unflattering, the equivalent of a sack is not here to stay. Their argument starts from men not approving of the trend to the lack of sophistication.

I don't want to look at it from a feminist angle. But I have to say something. Boyfriend jeans are so comfortable! And they look chic. And they are perfect for the unkempt and not so prim and proper ones like myself. 

So how do you like your boyfriend jeans?

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Leather jacket: mango, boyfriend jeans and accessories: Forever 21, Shoes: Carlton London, Top: Self made

Friday, March 14, 2014

At Work!

So last time when I had to do some interesting work with interesting machines around, I thought I would click some pictures.

With work comes formal clothing. I hate formals. I really do. Or maybe I am too lazy to work around developing a fashion sense to make the monkey suits look cool. Maybe I need to just think. A while would do more than I imagine I guess.

So do you like formals? How do you add some spunk to your office wardrobe. I need suggestions. Help!

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We got customized/personalized cards on the occasion of International Women's Day from our office. Loved it! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

At The Oscars...

I had a really busy day. Sorry for posting so late. It is a quick post. Just wanted to share my thoughts on a few of my favorite red carpet goddesses from the 86th Academy Awards night this year.  Tell me in the comment section about your most loved outfits at the event.

The strapless Dior gown of a lovely shade of red was something to shut the worst of fashion police at the Oscar’s this year. The back combed hair and the unmatched confidence simply doubled the outfit’s awesomeness. A friend recently told me, “Ain’t she doing a lot of the crazy lady these days? Well, we are not complaining. 

A stunning beaded Versace dress and that side swept hair and that million dollar infectious smile. Need I say more? She might not have been nominated this year for any awards, but she made some headlines for sure! Picture perfect!

I loved Ellen DeGeneres’ wife Portia De Rossi! Portia was wearing a Naeem Khan ivory honeycomb-beaded halter gown. The last year’s sheer trend was donned to perfect perfection in her gown.  Elegant, lovely, every bit of a glamorous star wife!

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