Friday, April 24, 2015

Not That Nerdy

So nerds have actually taken over the world. As the Big Bang stars became one of the highest paid TV actors ever, after signing a new contract to earn around $1 million per episode, it was established that nerds mean cool.

With nerds came nerd fashion. I was never a geek. But nerd fashion strikes me all the time. It does not come naturally to me. But I try, at times.

There is something really cool about the message t shirts, nerdy sweats, shirts that mostly act as a throw on and librarian glasses. 

What do you think?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Denim On Denim

Denim on denim, most of the times, guarantees good fashion. I love denims - skirts, shorts, jeans, shirts, everything. The trend gives people like me an option to create diverse looks.

So the denim on denim trend is cool and all that, but there are some things that we need to take a note of. I do not consider myself an expert, well not most of the times, but I will take this opportunity to mention a few points. So if you are wearing denim on denim, you may like to:

# Mix various shades
# Make sure both the shirt and bottom are of different weight
# For shoes, a pop of colour might be a good idea
# Though I am not wearing it here, but red lips go really well with denim on denim

You guys have a great weekend!

Outfit details: Shirt: Primark, Skirt: Koovs, Shoes: Forever 21, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Bag: Thrifted

Friday, April 10, 2015

For The Love Of Green

One of the best things about studying at a school that is located away from the city is that you get to sit on green grass, whenever you can. 

My first school had acres of green ground while the second one was built adjacent to a cemetery and hence was even more green. If I had no one to talk to, I could go to the first floor and look at palm trees that stood in a row. My third school was located at a breathtaking spot and I do not exaggerate here. At times I would close my eyes and open them to see no other colour but green. 

I can live at a place with trees around forever. Green is soothing. Green represents trees. Neha likes green. Green signal means good to go and I cannot imagine Rachel from FRIENDS having any other surname!  I wonder how some people do not like green. How :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Shades of Pink

When I hit 16, I got a scooter to ride to school. It was bright pink, and I saw on the ownership papers that Jonathan Ross once owned it. My friends slated me for it because of the colour, but it was cool. My father used to ride, and my mother's boyfriend has a bike, so we're a bit of a biker family.

- Thomas Sangster

Pink: At times cliched, at times pretty, at times abused, 
At times feminist, at times burning, at times mellowed

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Monochrome Trend

Black and white: colours that define extremes and yet talk to each other like old friends. 

Long back when I was little, like really little, my sister and I were sent to a photo studio to get a picture clicked. I guess that picture is the only proof I was a child once.

Anyway, so I have been told that there were two vases in the studio and both of us had to hold one vase to pose (Let's not even go into finding the reason why, I will talk about the stupid yet passionate sentiments of our small town photo studio guys some other day.) At that time, I fought like some crazy child to hold the white vase. I would simply not touch the black one.

I guess many children have less or almost no affinity towards black. As I grew up, I started appreciating black, but more than that, I loved how black and white looked together. At times, it was on the face, at other times it was sweet. There was a day when I wore a black tiered skirt and white blouse and white shoes and felt like some princess and then there were days when I looked like a little waiter.

I love black and white pictures. They add layers to a photo. Coming to monochrome trend, well it is here to stay. Have you tried it yet?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trench Coat And Nothing

At times I wake up on a Sunday evening, wear a trench coat over my sleeping shorts and go buy some street food, all alone. If the weather permits, I may even wear a trench and pack nothing much for a small road trip.

My friend and I were once discussing ways to wear a trench the other day. I personally like wearing a trench over dresses and skirts. She liked to wear a trench with her jeans and cropped top. 

A cropped top, denim short and white keds go well with trench as well.

Though I have to admit, that I think, that nothing beats the beauty of a trench when worn over nothing or something so short that it is better than nothing.

So how do you like your trench? 

Friday, March 13, 2015


I have been telling you a lot about the sneaker trend lately. Here is the first outfit post though.

When I saw pictures of fashion world's who's who throwing away their heels for sneakers, I was happy like a child. Finally! No matter what they say, heels are never that comfortable.

There are occasions that demand us to wear heels, but otherwise, girls like me would be really happy to wear something as comfortable as sneakers, keds, converse shoes or ankle length flat boots.

Most of us would still shy away from pairing our evening dresses with sneakers, but skirts are a good way to start wearing those pair of shoes which, unlike heels, love you back. 

Outfit Description: Sweater: Alia Bhatt for Jabong, Skirt: Marks & Spencer, Shoes: NIke