Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Memories And Daniel Wellington

I was nine. I remember my father wearing that extraordinary watch every morning before he went to court. Every evening as he took it off, I would slip into the room and try it on. It was of course too big for me then. But I loved admiring it.

I firmly believe a watch is the best gift you can give to anyone. When you gift a watch you gift something that stays for as long as you wanted a gift to stay. There is something very personal about gifting a watch.

Anyway, so many years later, I have laid my hands on something that looks exactly like that watch I have grown up admiring. It is a Daniel Welllington watch and it is called Classic Sheffield Lady. Love the classic design of the watches. For me, these are the cleanest designed watches ever. 

Daniel Welllington is a Swedish brand and they make some nice watches and they are delivering to India now. See their collection here. Let me know what do you think.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Will Be A Hundred Next Week

And just like that I did 99 posts. I am happy. In case you are wondering about the first picture, yes, that is to precisely show the happiness.

There are times when I plan to take down the blog. There is hardly any time to write these days. There are times when I have no one to take pictures. And then there is someone. I would like to thank Achala, Juree, Shilpi, Mehak, Sanjeev X Sharma, Abhilasha and Vishal for taking the pictures. This blog would not exist without you people.

Coming back to almost 100 posts. I do not know how I have done it. I do not even have 100 clothes for God sake! And to be able to write 100 posts, well that must be someone else doing the 10 minutes, have-to-write something, its Friday, I am doomed, I have nothing, kind of thing.

No matter how little time I give to this blog, I would very much like and intend to continue it. Hope you guys like it. Not just for friendship's sake. But truly. At least once in a while. That would mean a lot to me.

Here is to almost 100  posts! Thank you everyone. There will be a contest on the blog next week! Stay tuned!

Details: Dress: Mango, Accesories: Giggles India, the bracelet is gifted by Achala. Bag: Jabong

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Denims Can Wait

Sanjeev X Sharma and I used to talk about photography when we were in the same office. And we hardly talked otherwise. Then I left that office and started losing touch with people except for some. As far as Mr. Sharma was concerned, I never thought I would stay in touch with him. 

But there are friends with whom you talk just once in a few months or meet once in a year and pick up from where we left off. He is one of those. Sanjeev has been into photography for really long and we have been friends for longer. But this was the first time we met and took some pictures for the blog and I love the result!

Coming to outfits, Neha always asked me to buy palazzos but I don't know why it took me so long to buy them. One thing is for sure. I love my denims. I really do. But palazzos are a boon in Indian summers.  Denims can wait.

And thank you Mehak Mann for having us.

Outfit details: Palazzos - W, blouse: Ginger, Shoes: Tresmode

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lost And Found

This skirt has a story behind it. So it is a usual Marks & Spencer skirt that I was too happy to buy, in sale! But within half an hour of buying it, I lost it. 

I still invent theories about where and how I lost it. Was I dreaming or did I just leave it somewhere? I have a set of stories in my head. Anyway, I was sad for a day or two for losing it. I talked weird to people. Yes, I do that, even over small things.

Then I got a call from the store saying someone returned it!

I was happy of course. But more than the skirt, I was thinking about the lady who found it and went to the mall again later to return it. The bag had the receipt with my name and other details and so the store could track me easily.

I wanted to thank that lady in person. But of course I may never meet her as I do not even have a name to start with. I thanked her in my head that day. I am thanking her on the blog today.

Thank you!

Details: Skirt: Marks & Spencer, Shoes: Forever 21, Blouse: Primark, Bag: Pelican & Penguins

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quick Fashion

Most of us have a few things in our wardrobe that we pick up with a lightening speed when we are rushing to somewhere. These are the days when our sartorial choices are dictated by lack of time and a spontaneity that is difficult to describe.

So what flashes in our head when we have a minute to get ready? I have noticed that most people go for that one thing that they feel most comfortable in. The one they know can be worn with any pair of shoes or sandals lying around. This one thing is mostly an old, tried and tested, repeatedly worn stuff.

One of my friends used to grab a favorite scarf of hers in such circumstances. And it always worked for her: a slouchy top, bright scarf, an old pair of chinos, tied up hair and that scarf. She did make it a point to wear some kajal and eye liner on her way (yeah she could do it anywhere!) Loved the way she looked.

I, on the other hand, mostly go crazy and bland. I am very slow as a person and I just cannot put an outfit together in a minute. I wish I could. This was my fastest best. Love the denims!

So what do you wear when you have just a minute to get ready?

Outfit details: Denims: Forever 21, blouse: thrifted, shoes: Carlton London, Bag: Primark

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not Of The Same Feather

We all have groups in colleges - a mix of people who sit together, eat together, go to movies together and so on and so forth. People of a group might be poles apart in nature, but something brings them together: teacher jokes, food, music, love for a band, trips, conversations and an aloofness or even enmity against other groups. 

When two groups meet, things might not go smoothly. They might not be birds of the same feather. They might not get each other's jokes. They might not do a certain this in a certain that way. They might not talk, they might not agree to disagree.

Mixing two prints is like making two college groups sit together for a day. Everything is unexpected. It's tricky, in fact one of the riskiest trend for all good reasons.

The basics tell you that if one print is bold, the other needs to be submissive and that you need to choose a colour family and stick to it. I have ignored both here. Not very proud to do that, but I can say it is interesting to mix prints.

Have you tried mixing prints yet?

Pants and blouse: Thrifted, Bag: Espirit, Shoes: Done By None

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer In A Skirt

In FRIENDS, when Joey has a girl flatmate named Janine, he discovers a whole new world of things, beautiful things if you ask me. Once Janine makes him smell potpourri and Joey says something like, "Wow, this is like the whole summer in a bowl."

I feel the same about this skirt gifted by my friends in office(thank you again ladies!). It looks like summer and it feels like summer. And it keeps its shape, doesn't shift.

Skirts aside, how you guys doing?

Details: Skirt: Done By None, Blouse: Only, Sandals: Paprika, Accessories: Thrifted